Recent Accomplishments

New Type I EngineNew Type I Engine in Service
In April 2016, the Kensington Fire Protection District put their new Type I engine into service. The apparatus was custom built by Hi-Tech Emergency Vehicle Services in Oakdale, California. This new engine which is built on a Spartan Motors chassis is replacing the current 2000 Type I pumper which after 16 years was requiring more and more maintenance due to the extra wear and tear that the steep hills and tight turns have placed on it. The new engine is powered by a 450 horse power Cummins Diesel engine that is equipped with the latest emission filters for the exhaust and creates less pollution than the old engine and meet all the new air quality standards. The upgraded suspension allows the fire engine to turn sharper and make tight turns easier. The cab has additional room inside for ease of changing into protective equipment while responding and has room for additional equipment. The apparatus carries a 500-gallon water tank and 25 gallons of Class A foam that enhances the performance of the water in extinguishing fires and a 1,500 gpm pump. This new engine also carries 1,000 feet of 5-inch supply hose which is an improvement over the 3-inch hose that the old engine carried. In addition, the engine is equipped with all the medical equipment and supplies to provide advanced life support in the field. It is also carries rope rescue gear to facilitate any type of low to high angle rescue and Hurst “Jaws of Life” hydraulic rescue tools and high pressure air lift bags for handling most types of rescues.

KFPD Receives New Insurance Services Office Rating
On June 1, 2014, the City of El Cerrito and the Kensington Fire Protection District received a Class 2 Public Protection Classification from the Insurance Services Office, Inc. (ISO). This was a one point improvement from the Department’s 2004 rating. The best available is a “one” and the worst available is a “10.” We are proud to announce that we are one of only 62 Class 2 Departments in State which has a total of 988 Fire Departments.

The rating, established by ISO, evaluates the performance of municipal fire suppression capabilities. The City rating schedule consists of three main areas: receiving and handling of fire alarms, the Fire Department, and water distribution and supply. The ranking of these items leads to an overall Public Protection Classification, which is one element used to determine fire insurance rates.

The next ISO survey for the El Cerrito and Kensington communities will be during 2024.

District of DistinctionKFPD Takes Lead in HeartSafe Community Designation
The Kensington Fire Protection District has taken the lead for the Kensington community to be designated a HeartSafe Community. At KFPD's June 2012 meeting, Supervisor John Gioia and County EMS Director, Pat Frost presented the Board of Directors and Chief Maples with official HeartSafe Community designation. A HeartSafe Community is one where all elements of the Chain of Survival are in place. It is a community that educates citizens to improve heart health, places AEDS in businesses, schools and other locations the public gathers, and trains people in CPR and AED use. Congratulations to the entire Kensington community!

District of DistinctionKFPD Awarded 'District of Distinction' and 'Transparency Certificate of Excellence'
In October 2013, Kensington Fire Protection District became a re-accredited District of Distinction through the Special District Leadership Foundation for a third successive term. KFPD was originally designated a District of Distinction in 2009. The District of Distinction accreditation is one of the most prestigious local government awards in the state of California. This award clearly validates Kensington Fire's commitment to good governance and to ethical and sound operating practices.

Kensington Fire Protection District met a list of requirements involving policies, procedures, continuing education and audit standards to receive this accreditation. They are only the 16th District of Distinction in the state since the program began in 2006.

In addition, the District received the new District Transparency Certificate of Excellence from the Special District Leadership Foundation in recognition of the District's completion of all transparency program requirements designed to promote transparency in their operations and governance to the public and other stakeholders.

When asked why Kensington Fire Protection District decided to apply for District of Distinction accreditation, Fire Chief Maples stated: "The Kensington Fire Protection District pursued the District of Distinction accreditation to demonstrate our level of understanding and fiscal responsibility in providing essential public services."